My First (and not my last) billboard!

Updated: May 24, 2018

So ya girl went and landed herself, her first ever billboard! Okay it might not be a worldwide Spotify campaign, but I'm getting there guys. One billboard at a time lol.

A few months ago the guys at roundhouse asked members if they were interested in participating in a free photoshoot for their latest marketing campaign. Being the aspiring model that I am, you know I jumped at the chance to get some new images for my website. Some of you may have already seen a few images from this photoshoot in my gallery (if you haven't you need to click the link above right after you've read this). What I thought was a going to be a small campaign with my face dotted around the website, turned into a massive billboard right at the font of the building. I was pleasantly surprised to see my face printed so large and sorry,slyly gassed!!! I dunno about you, but I ain't ever had my face on a billboard before, but this is most definitely something I could get used to. Shout out to my mum for carpeting these images last week. If you're in the Camden area be sure to take a walk down to Roundhouse and say hey lol.

Next stop... global Spotify campaign!