100K plays on my first track!

Like many new artist you're always little anxious to release your first track/demo. Will people like it? Will anyone even care? Will this be the song that grabs everyone’s attention? So many things run through your head. Gaining 1000 plays on my Soundcloud in one month was a big enough achievement for me and Lord knows I was grateful that people even took the time out of their busy lives to listen to my music.

After a month of Waves being out for the world to hear I was contacted by EscapeTracks via social media, asking me if they could feature my track on their YouTube channel. Like every emerging artist I was hungry for the exposure and I could see that EscapeTracks had a big following. However, I did not expect to receive such love. In just a short time Waves had reached 100k plays on YouTube and counting!

Shout out to escape Tracks for showing me love and helping me gain listeners from all around the world.