BBC WM: Sunday Night with Nikki Tapper!

For those that didn't know, I relocated back to my 2nd home town Wolverhampton for what was initially meant to be a few weeks, but ended up being for the whole of summer (thanks to my uncle for putting up with me lol). What I thought was gonna be a quick trip reconnecting with family, quickly turned into a bunch of opportunities that I didn't quite see coming. Not only have I discovered some of the coolest talents in the West Midlands, but my time here has helped me to refocus on my music and purpose.

As you can probably tell, I am definitely a woman that likes to stay pro-active wherever God places me and whatever my circumstance. So After realising that I would be in the Midlands for longer than I expected, I instantly started looking for music opportunities to help further my career. I began to connect with other musicians, artists, producers until I got in contact with a producer at the BBC West Midlands. She invited me down to the BBC studios in Birmingham where I had the pleasure of speaking to presenter Nikki Tapper shortly and performing one of my personal favourites 'U Know Pt. 1'. This was my first ever time on radio and I was so nervous I didn't tell anyone but my mum lol, however everyone who was a part of the Nikki Tapper Show made me feel extremly welcomed.

You can listen to my quick interview on Sunday's show HERE on the BBC iPlayer for the next month: